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To CNN, Warner Media and AT&T

Congratulations on having gotten rid of Jeff Zucker, CNN president. Not because of his consensual undisclosed relationship but because under his command CNN has been guilty of polarizing news as much as Fox News -but in the other direction.

When news becomes a way of working-the-crowd into a mob, something has gone massively wrong.

We hope that in the future CNN’s News coverage and opinions will be more neutral. There are many more valid opinions than those belonging to the typical white educated male living near the US coast. There are certainly fake and exaggerated claims going around but not everything that other people say is invalid. People deserve respect.

It goes without saying that Fox news drastically needs an overhaul. How one sided in the opposite direction can you be. And what kind of isolated world do the reporters and readers live in when there is hardly any reportage of what is happening in Ukraine.

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Check out the main page - write your own open letter

Everyone deserves a say. Something that CNN does not seem to believe.

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