Women's Rebellion!

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We must stand together with the women of Iran

Help them stand up to tyranny. To be able to wear what they want and free the country from oppression: Continue reading >

On the one hand innocent ordinary people are being killed and on the other hand not so innocent members of the regime

We must do everything we can to end this continued oppression

  • Ali Khamenei and Ebrahim Raisi actions are against all the principles of religion and can only by characterized as evil

  • How can they drag a whole country full of intelligent people down?

  • How can they murder their own people? Even women and children?

  • How can they encourage their police and Morality Police to beat someone to death for showing a few locks of her beautiful hair?

  • How can a religious based regime work with the most evil of people and regimes, including Russia, Syria and the corrupt Erdogan as well as terrorist groups?

  • How can they send deadly drones to the evil Russian regime that uses them to attack civilian targets in Odessa the hub of the worlds food supply for the third world?

    • They are being used to attack Jewish pilgrims. How can their hate for Jews excuse them for making a deal with the Hitler like regime of Russia?

  • Talking about Syria and the Muslim religion how can they justify working with the Syrian regime that is known to profit from the drug trade that is undermining the whole middle east

  • Adding insult to injury the Iranian regime just made the stupid mistake of apprehending Elnaz Rekabi the Iranian woman who competed in rock climbing in South Korea without a hijab.

The Iranian uprising has now been going on for a month. Keep it up

Women's Rebellion is about changing the world order

The current world order is based on old fashioned masculine values which are not sustainable: Continue reading >

A world that is full of aggression, bullying, insecurity, harmful for every living creature, humans, animals and plants included; A world that disregards human rights and what the vast majority of people want and especially the will of women and young people; Is a world that needs change. The obvious solution is to make a world that is based more on feminine values.

Men must listen and empower women and women must grab power not to do what men have been doing but to do good.

Forward our page, donate, volunteer, protest, vote, influence.

This is in the urgent interest of every man, woman and child as well as the environment.

Women's wages are being deliberately held down

In countries like Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands - this makes no societal sense: Continue reading >

It is generally regarded as a natural solution to increase the wages of occupations when there is a shortage of labor in those occupations. When it is a predominantly mans occupation than the tendency is for the wages in that occupation to be increased but when it is a predominantly woman's occupation then governments go to extreme lengths not to let that happen, even when it is the declared policy of those governments to increase equal rights. This error in attitude and error in the understanding of basic economics must be corrected. If there is a shortage of labor when it comes to women's occupation, we should rejoice at the opportunity to increase the wages in that field. This will automatically increase the number of people willing to work in that sector. It might take some time in which case we can accelerate the process by temporarily increasing the wages even more.

Instead governments are reducing restrictions for labor from other countries and companies in oligopolistic positions reduce service rather than increase the wages.

Throughout history it has been alright to increase the wages of doctors, craftsmen, carpenters, plumbers, masons, garbage collectors and road builders but not so much nurses and teachers and especially not paramedics, airport staff, people in fish processing and people working in elderly care, etc.

To correct this bad state of affairs that keeps women unnecessarily down, all that is needed is a change of attitude and to let the money follow the otherwise meaningless words about equality.

Equality is not just about getting paid the same for the same job but also allowing occupations favored by women to be correctly valued. Gone are the days when most women wanted to be secretaries and there was an oversupply of secretaries. Many women do not want the traditional women's jobs when they come with a low pay, so the pay must rise.

Some will argue this will cause inflation. But that argument is not fair. When the governments choose to keep interest rates low and thereby actually subsidizing the rich and when men's wages, not to mention executive wages and monopolistic profits are allowed to rise this contributes even more to inflation.

Save the world from senile old men

Across the world men are ruining this world. Let's all join together to stop this: Continue reading >

  • In Iran Ali Khamenei and Ebrahim Raisi are killing people and are therefore traitors to their religion

  • In Russia the New Hitler Putin is sending the sons of mothers, the husbands of wives and the fathers of their children to a fatal war

  • In Afghanistan old men prevent girls from getting an education

  • In Turkey Erdogan enriches himself and his friends at the cost of the Economy

  • In Hungary Viktor Orban is destroying the country

  • In the Americas Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Jair Bolsonaro, are threatening the democratic foundations of their countries

  • In the United States mostly men justices (of the supreme court) voted to restrict women's choice when it comes to reproductive freedom

  • In Myanmar military leaders robed the elected party of Aung San Suu Kyi of power and carries on a brutal campaign against its people

  • In Thailand dictatorship rooted in the military make nonsensical decisions allowing more Chinese influence and drugs that even the Netherlands are making a U-turn on

  • In China Xi has managed to destroy Chinas and Hong Kong prospects. Has totally pushed Taiwan away and is alienating the whole world except perhaps a handful of evil countries.

  • Even Germanies Scholtz is failing to do his part in keeping Europe secure by not supporting Ukraine enough

  • Israel's Yair Lipid is doing virtually nothing to hinder the genocide of Ukraine. Even in the face of mass graves he shows not enough sympathy with Ukraine to help them stand up to the New Hitler.

  • India's Modi is endangering the security of India by working against the west by allowing the purchase of Russian oil that finances the war in Ukraine

  • Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) regime continues to restrict women's right to voice their opinion. Salma al-Shehab was recently sentenced to 34 years in prison for her use of Twitter.

  • In Israel, Palestine and Pakistan the woman's role in society is reduced to that of an incubator

  • In Egypt, Yemen and much of Muslim Africa women are denied sexual pleasure by cutting of their clitoris and other mutilations of their genitals

  • In Germany and Spain it is a political policy not to allow women's wages to increase as mentioned in the article above

Xi is one of those senile old men - if not the third Hitler

He is destroying all the gains that China has made: Continue reading >

  • It was Hong Kong that inspired the rest of China to modernize. It was capitalism and not communism that enabled China to grow

  • But China began it's own destruction by dismantling Hong Kong

  • Xi and China failed to provide the regularity framework that capitalism needs

  • China allowed an obvious bubble in the property market to grow, so much so that not only will the new home owners suffer but all Chinese citizens will bear the cost as the bubble bursts

    • It has been pretty obvious that once people move into the apartments they have already paid for but have still to get that they would leave so much housing vacant that the market would collapse

  • China is destroying it's export markets by supporting Russia and thereby signaling that they are next in line to be regarded as a Pariah state

  • A state that no country or company wants to be dependent on for it's supply line

  • This should be much more worrying for China, because this is the kind of business that has made it prosper

  • China has also managed in record time to be regarded as the potential enemy of not only the west but by nearly all countries in Asia and Oceania

  • Common sense should tell anyone that a zero COVID policy will never work in an international environment and even if you close the borders, there will always be cases that escape through bringing the country back to square one

  • The United Kingdom made a mistake to embrace surveillance as have Germany, Nazi Germany, East Germany and the United States. The problem with China is that it has taken such surveillance way, way further destroying peoples privacy.

  • Human rights and access to information are also pretty bleak

  • Chinese people are already feeling that they are not welcome around the world. Which is a pity because many of these Chinese oppose what is happening in China.

  • Xi has managed to alienate Australia against China. Supposedly because of a normal request to demand an investigation to the origins of COVID. China put in place restrictions on imports such as coal and wine from Australia. But Australians don't care they would rather not be bullied for making a perfectly normal request.

  • Xi has managed to alienate Chinas India with it's big market with a land grab in the Himalayas.

  • Xi has managed to alienate Canada, Swede, Czechia, the Baltic Countries and the EU.

  • Some Chinese official said that China never tries to take land from other countries. Explain that to the tribes in the Himalayas that have no more access to their pastures.

  • The Chinese regularly irritate the Vietnamese fishermen by trying to shove them out of their own waters.

  • The Chinese irritate the whole world and threaten the environment by overfishing and not respecting the sovereign waters of 90 countries.

  • Xi's lack of common sense when it comes to COVID, the property bubble, human rights, economics and bullying are making China weaker.

  • Xi is now the obstacle to Chinas success.

  • Women in China should protest against Xi and the network of Xi's corrupt men supporters

Eurovision 2022 winner official video showing the New Hitler (Putin's) destruction in Ukraine and the emotional crisis he is responsible for.

The video was filmen in Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, Hostomel, cities near Kyiv that suffered the horrors of Russian occupation.

Dedicated to the brave Ukrainian people, to the mothers protecting their children, to all those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Every man, every woman, every innocent child.