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We, Organization of Christian Writers write to condemn in totality the Russian Orthodox Church’s justifying of the on-going conflict in Ukraine.

The position taken by the Russian Orthodox Church is regrettable. It has brought shame to the entire Christian community in the global world. In the strongest possible terms, we condemn it. Your stand is shocking and shameful. It is in complete isolation of the entire Christian community in the world.

It is sad to hear you justify a war that has claimed thousands of lives, in-which hundreds of countries, organizations and groups have voiced-out to condemn the Russian Government’s decision to inflict unnecessary pains and sufferings to the people of Ukraine and the neighboring countries where millions are fleeing to.

We say this, not as having any alliance or collaboration with LGBT community in Ukraine, but as an independent body. We stand on Christ-centered principles whose sole mission on earth was to give his life for the salvation of all manner of persons on earth. The church needs to stand at the gap for others, and must advice the governments and warn them against betraying the trust of the people by taking wrong decisions.

Who had bewitched the Russian Orthodox Church? And why would you justify a conflict that has brought much sorrow to thousands of families in Ukraine and the global world? The church stands for peace not war, salvation of souls not condemnation of sinners, and truth not lies.

Note this, the position you’ve taken have brought no warmth to the families of over 2000 civilians, according to Ukraine statistics, killed in this conflict. Also:

You have preached “Another Gospel” to over 1.7 million people that have fled the conflict (Figure from the UN statistics as at 7/3/22).

And you have added more sorrow to the pains of hundreds of mothers whose children have been killed in the on-going conflict. These children were innocent.

You have also brought anger and distrust to hundreds of countries who voted against this war at the UN Council meeting, local and International Organizations working to pave way for peace, Civil Society Organizations clamoring for a ceasefire in Ukraine and the global church.

Just like your President, you are alone in this standing. The church of the living God will never justify your position on this matter.

Our solemn prayer is that you’ll realize yourself and retrace your steps to the right path by tendering an unreserved apology to the Ukrainian people, especially those whose families are killed or injured in the conflict.


Organization of Christian Writers

"File:Patriarch Kirill Day of National Unity 2013.jpeg" by Presidential Press and information Office is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Is Kirill Putin's alter boy?

Every part of Russian society needs to stand together to resist Evil

  • If you are a Russian priest. In your sermons

  • If you are an ordinary Russian. Protest.

  • If you work in the Russian media (Propaganda machine) stop the lies and tell the truth.

  • If you are a Russian on active duty in the Ukraine. Burn up your diesel. Surrender (Simply tell the Ukrainians that you do not want to fight them) or even join the Ukrainians. Persuade your boss and comrades to do the same. We know that you do not want to kill your brothers and sisters.


  • Pick up your mobile and talk about important military information that can be picked up by the Ukrainians

  • If you are in the Russian, Belorussian, military, police, secret service disobey Putin's orders.

  • If you are the mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, friend, uncle or any relations of the above encourage them to resist.

  • If you have a printer. Print and distribute encouragements to Resist.

  • If you are a fighter pilot. Eject.

  • If you are a Russian censor, stop censoring, do not censor this site.

  • If you are a Oligarchist, withdraw your support for Putin. Put resources in place to get rid of him.

  • If you are a diplomat say you work for Russia but not Putin

  • If you are at a Russian concert chant "stop the war"

Brave young people in Moscow protesting against the War (above) and in St Petersburg (below)

Kiev Friday morning


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