Open Letters International

Thank you for writing an open letter - What next?

Be prepared to verify your email address.

Monitor this site to see if your open letter has been added. We may send you the link under which your open letter is published. It is up to you to forward to the address of the recipient if you know it (with an optional copy of the letter) and/or to people or organizations connected with the recipient. (The fact that it is an open letter makes it much more likely that the recipient or people close to the recipient will actually pay attention to, read and respond to the letter). We also suggest you send the link to your contacts and ask them to forward to their contacts and if they agree with the message co-sign it for additional impact. The more people that see the open letter the more likely that the recipient will take notice of your open letter.

Help spread important messages by co-signing and forwarding

We believe that together we can make a difference. Check out the open letter to your Minster of Health. If you agree with the message, co-sign it and encourage all your contacts to do the same and of course forward to their Minister of Health.