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Hitler bir daha asla!

Putin yeni Hitler

Do not let senile old men destroy the world. Whether they are based in Iran, Russian, China, North Korea or the United States

Coming up

  • The World Uneconomic Forum (a critique of the World Economic Forum)

  • Xi's chance to do a public and international relations turn around

  • Offer to help MBS the Saudi ruler who just became prime minister to better his image

  • To Central Bankers who would like to revolutionize how they control the money supply for the benefit of the economy and future generations

  • For leaders of big nations who would like to use international relations for the good of their own people

  • To the cornered Rat, the New Hitler Putin

  • To any nation that really wants to be green

  • To the Ukrainian Government to supply us with material photos etc. we can use to enhance our fight against the New Hitler

  • To Melinda Gates in case she wants to milden the extremes of her Ex-husbands campaigns

  • To MacKenzie Scott in case she wants to support an open and free news site

  • To Women and Men around the world who would like to support the Women's Rebellion

  • To the leaders of the Baltic States and Poland a plea to help our campaign to get other countries (and not least other European countries) to help Ukraine more

  • To anyone who would like to become an Angel Investor in our Charity or some of our specific projects

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How it works -writing an open letter

You submit the form below, and confirm your email and we review your request to publish the open letter on this open letter platform... (read more)

You submit the form below, and confirm your email address and we review your request to publish the open letter on this open letter platform...

We believe that together we can make a difference and look forward to working with you to spread important world bettering messages. Such as the open letter to your Minster of Health. If you agree with the message, co-sign it and encourage all your contacts to do the same and of course forward to their Minister of Health.

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What happens next

We send you the link under which your open letter is published and you forward to the address of the recipient if you know it (with an optional copy of the letter) and/or to people or organizations connected with the recipient. (The fact that it is an open letter makes it much more likely that the recipient or people close to the recipient will actually pay attention to, read and respond to the letter). We also suggest you send the link to your contacts and ask them to forward to their contacts. The more people that see the open letter the more likely that the recipient will take notice of your open letter. If people agree with your message you can offer them to cosign your open letter, which has the potential of giving more impact to your letter.

Why this open letters platform

We realized that it is very difficult to get the attention of many people. Actual addresses are difficult to come by, e-mails may go directly into the spam folder, and regular mail into the garbage bin, even unopened or filtered out by people working for the recipient. Even if the end recipient would really appreciate the content or at least would like to be aware of it, he or she may never get to see it.

This platform gives you the chance of using a traditional medium, the letter in a powerful way without having to master new media.

The lockdowns and the campaigns of fear kill more people than Covid-19. The campaigns of fear have even lead one man to start a war. Read the letter.